ALL IN ONE FILE Bulletin Vol. 12



B.J. Kowalski, R. Buczko, and T. Story Pb1-xSnxSe topological crystalline insulator:
a new kind of quantum material

  Contents   II

E. Pławski , J. Sekutowicz, W. Grabowski,
K. Kosiński, J. Lorkiewicz, M. Wojciechowski,
Z. Gołębiewski, K. Meissner, G. Wrochna,
O. Chołuj-Dziewiecka, P. Borowiec, M. Duda,
M. Jeżabek, K. Kasprzak, A. Kotarba,
K. Krzysik, M. Stodulski, J. Świerblewski,
M. Wiencek, M. Chorowski, E. Rusiński,
J. Fydrych, A. Iluk, K. Malcher, J. Poliński,
P. Duda, J. Głowinkowski, P. Wilk, M. Winkowski, P. Grzegory, and G..Michalski
Polish in-kind contribution to European X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL): Status in spring 2013 1

R. Mroczka Investigation of performance of x-ray capillaries internally covered with a lacquer-metal reflectivity layer 6

P. Romanowski, J. Bak-Misiuk, K. Sobczak,
R. Jakiela, and A. Misiuk
Strain state in Mn-implanted silicon annealed at high temperature 10

H. Oyanagi, A. Kisiel, W. Rypniewski, C. Bocchetta, and M. Stankiewicz SOLARIS: Bright light at the end of the tunnel.
Keep your fingers crossed!

Synchrotron Light News 19

KSUPS-10 - 10th National Meeting of Synchrotron Radiation Users (KSUPS-10)

Welcome   22

KSUPS-10 - programme        24

KSUPS-10 - Abstracts of invited lectures and oral presentations

C. Carlile Progress on the world-leading X-ray and neutron facilities, MAX IV and ESS, being constructed on Poland's doorstep L-01 26

M. Majdan, E. Grabias, and A. Gładysz-Płaska XPS spectra of uranium (VI) adsorbed on red clay O-02 27

J. Kubacki, D. Kajewski, J. Szade,
and K. Schulte
Investigation of the electronic states of FeTiO3 by X-ray photoemission, X-ray absorption and Auger electron spectroscopy L-02 27

Z. Wroński Plasma–cathode interface of glow discharges as medium
of particles activation for material spectrometry
L-03 28

M. Zając, A. Bianco, C.J. Bocchetta,
E. Busetto, P. Goryl, J. Korecki, K. Kubal,
F. Melka, M. Ostoja-Gajewski, M. Sikora,
M.J. Stankiewicz, Ł. Walczak,
A.I. Wawrzyniak, K. Wawrzyniak,
and Ł. Żytniak
First beamline at Solaris L-04 29

J. Darul, A.D. Evans, and P. Piszora Three-dimensional strain distribution of lithium manganese spinels L-05 29

A.I. Wawrzyniak, C.J. Bocchetta,
P. Borowiec, P. Bulira, P. Czernecki,
D. Einfeld, P.P. Goryl, K. Królas, K. Kubal,
R. Nietubyć, M.P. Nowak, F. Melka,
M. Ostoja-Gajewski, J. Potoczny, P. Tracz, M.J. Stankiewicz, P. Szostak, Ł. Walczak,
K. Wawrzyniak, J. Wiechecki, M. Zając,
T. Zawierucha, and Ł. Żytniak
Overview and current status of Solaris synchrotron light source L-06 30

A. Andrejczuk X-ray refractive optics L-07 30

R. Mroczka Investigation of performance of x-ray capillaries with a lacquer-metal reflectivity layer L-08 31

R. Nietubyć and M. Johansson Integrated magnets of double bend achromat
for Max IV 1.5 GeV and Solaris storage rings
L-09 31

M.T. Klepka, A. Wolska, A. Drzewiecka,
and K. Lawniczak-Jablonska
X-ray absorption spectroscopy – tool to resolve structure L-10 32

K. Lawniczak- Jablonska, I.N. Demchenko,
E. Dynowska, A. Chruściel, and J. Janik
Complementary studies of the structural properties of highly disordered materials by x-ray absorption and diffraction L-11 33

D. Paliwoda and A. Katrusiak High-pressure diffraction studies at synchrotrons
and in laboratories
L-12 33

J.B. Pełka Synchrotron radiation in the study of biostructures and life processes: New achievements and challenges L-13 34

R. Nietubyć, W. Grabowski, R. Mirowski,
J. Lorkiewicz, J. Sekutowicz, T. Wasiewicz, and J. Witkowski
Review of the ongoing efforts dedicated to Polish free electron laser POLFEL L-14 34

M. Grzesiak-Nowak, A. Szymańska,
G. Appleby, and W. Łasocha
XRPD structural studies of new group of coordination polymers O-02 35

M. Oszajca and W. Łasocha Application of synchrotron data to PDF-based structure refinement L-15 35

K. Mazur, K. Wieteska, W. Wierzchowski,
J. Sarnecki, and C. Paulmann
X-ray diffraction and topographic studies of silicon epitaxial layers grown on the substrate with introduced porous silicon layer L-16 36

M. Kozak, M. Taube, F. Giska, M. Piechocki, R. Hoser, J. Hennig, and M. Krzymowska Structure in solution of HopQ1 protein, type three effector from Pseudomonas syringae L-17 36

W. Gospodarczyk and M. Kozak Influence of selected gemini surfactants and sulfobetaines
on structure of BSA and lysozyme
O-03 37

KSUPS -10 - Abstracts of poster presentations

W.J. Andrzejewska, Z. Pietralik, M. Taube,
and M. Kozak
Studies of selected gemini surfactants complexes with DNA and siRNA using biophysical methods P-01 37

K. Balin, J. Szade, M. Wojtyniak,
D. Wilgocka-Ślęzak, T. Giela, J. Korecki,
M. Ślęzak, and Z. Celinski
Influence of segregation of divalent europium on magnetic and transport properties of MBE grown Eu-Fe thin films P-02 38

A. Behrooz, W. Paszkowicz,
P. Romanowski, B. Nazarenko,
and A. Shekhovtsov
Structural properties of Ca9R(VO4)7 (R = La, Nd, Gd) single crystals: An X-ray diffraction study P-03 38

K. Bilewska, M. Wojtyniak, K. Balin,
J. Szade, and P. Ruello
Structure of magnetron sputtered SmNiO3 thin films P-04 39

A. Drzewiecka, A. Wolska, M.T. Klepka,
Z. Komosa, A.E. Koziol, and M. Struga
Electrochemical synthesis and structural studies of zinc complexes with benzofuran derivatives P-05 39

E. Dynowska, A. Chrusciel, K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, I.N. Demchenko, J. Janik,
and B. Sacher-Majewska
Phase transitions in double metal cyanide catalysts P-06 40

S. Haracz, J. Rybka, M. Hilgendorff, and M. Giersig Magnetic behavior of non-interacting iron oxide nanoparticles in physiological solution P-07 40

W. Kida and M. Kozak Difference in structure and conformational dynamics
of DPPC and DPPC/DNA systems with selected gemini surfactants with different spacer
P-08 41

Ż. Kołodziejska, Z. Pietralik, and M. Kozak Complexes between DNA and selected gemini surfactants – circular dichroism and AFM studies P-09 41

M. Kowalik, W. Tokarz, R. Zalecki,
and A. Kołodziejczyk
Electronic band structure of La2/3Pb1/3Mn2/3(Co,Fe,Ni)1/3O3 P-10 42

M. Kręcisz, S. Haracz, J. Rybka,
M. Giersig, and M. Kozak
The influence of NP’s with Fe3O4 core on biomembrane modelsystems - the ATR-FTIR studies P-11 42

M. Kwaśniak-Kominek, M. Manecki,
and O. Borkiewicz
Synchrotron-based X-ray diffraction studies of carbonate hydroxylpyromorphite Pb10(PO4)6(OH)2 P-12 43

K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, W. Lisowski, J.W.Sobczak, I.N. Demchenko, A. Chruściel, and J. Janik, Photoelectron spectroscopy studies of double metal cyanide catalysts P-13 43

J. Lorkiewicz, R. Nietubyć, M. Barlak,
R. Mirowski, and J. Witkowski
Optimizing of thin film superconducting lead photocathodes
at NCBJ in Świerk
P-14 44

R. Minikayev, W. Szuszkiewicz, E. Dynowska, B. Witkowska, T.M.T. Bell Temperature evolution of structural properties of hexagonal NiAs-type MnTe P-15 44

R. Minikayev, J. Z. Domagała, E. Dynowska, K. Gas, E. Łusakowska, W. Szuszkiewicz, J. Cebulski, J. Grandysa, P. Baroni, and A.M.T. Bell Structure characterization of large ZnO crystals from Oława Foundry P-16 45

M. Murawska, A. Grubb, M. Maszota,
S. Rodziewicz-Motowidło, and M. Kozak
Structure of HCC oligomers – SAXS and MD studies P-17 45

R. Nietubyć Evaluation of the undulator capabilities for POLFEL P-18 46

R. Nietubyć, R. Barday, W. Grabowski, T. Kamps, P. Kneisel, O. Kugeler, J. Lorkiewicz, A. Neuman, J. Sekutowicz, J. Smedley, and T. Wasiewicz Performance of superconducting thin film lead photocatode P-19 46

B.A. Orlowski, B.J. Kowalski, E. Guziewicz,
I. Kowalik, M. Pietrzyk, and A. Reszka
Synchrotron radiation for study Fano type photoemission resonances in rare earth atoms P-20 47

B.A. Orlowski, B. J. Kowalski, M. Pietrzyk,
and A. Reszka
High energy photoemission spectra of crystals with local structure - application of synchrotron radiation P-21 47

Z. Pietralik and M. Kozak Influence of the length and type of spacer group of gemini surfactants on their ability to form stable complexes with nucleic acids in a presence of helper lipid P-22 48

Z. Pietralik and M. Kozak Modifications of structures formed by phosphatidylcholine
by gemini surfactants with cyclic side chains as a key
to successful DNA transportation
P-23 48

A. Piosik, K. Żurowski, W. Hędzelek,
and M. Kozak
Crystallographic and thermographic analysis of phase transition of zirconium dioxide induced by dental processing P-24 49

P. Romanowski, J. Bak-Misiuk, K. Sobczak, R. Jakiela, and A. Misiuk The influence of Mn4Si7 inclusions dimension on silicon matrix strain state in Si:Mn P-25 49

K. Schneider, D.A. Zając, D. Rybicki,
J. Żukrowski, J. Przewoźnik, M. Sikora,
T. Strączek, W. Prendota, Cz. Kapusta,
C.I. Marquina, and M.R.Ibarra,
XAS study of carbon coated Co-Fe nanoparticles P-26 50

Cz. Ślusarczyk Application of interface distribution function and correlation function methods for studying the lamellar structures
of polymers using small-angle X-ray scattering
P-27 50

T. Strączek, D. Zając, K. Schneider,
M. Sikora, Cz. Kapusta, and J.Turło
XAS study of selenium enriched shiitake mycelium P-28 51

M. Taube, F. Giska, M. Krzymowska,
J. Hennig, and M. Kozak
Dimerisation of Pseudomonas syringae efector protein HopQ1 (S51A) in solution without DTT P-29 51

M. Taube, A. Jarmołowski, and M. Kozak Ionic strength and temperature dependent conformational changes of the wheat Hsp90 protein P-30 52

T. Wasiewicz, W. Grabowski, K. Kosiński,
R. Nietubyć, J. Sekutowicz,
and M. Staszczak
Electron beam dynamics calculations for POLFEL linear accelerator P-31 52

M. Waśniowska, M. Dobrzański, M. Sikora,
T. Eelbo, I. Miotkowski, R. Wiesendanger,
and A. Kozłowski
SXMCD study of magnetic adatoms on Bi2Se3 and Bi2Te3 single crystals P-32 53

E. Wierzbicka, A. Malinowska, K. Wieteska,
W. Wierzchowski, M. Lefeld-Sosnowska,
M. Świrkowicz, T. Łukasiewicz, K. Mazur,
and C. Paulmann
Investigation of defect structure in undoped calcium molybdate single crystals (CaMoO4) by means of X-ray diffraction methods P-33 53

W. Wierzchowski, K. Wieteska,
A. Malinowska, E. Wierzbicka, M. Romaniec,
M. Lefeld-Sosnowska, M. Świrkowicz,
T. Łukasiewicz, and C. Paulmann
Ghost segregation pattern and other defects in mixed strontium-calcium-barium niobates P-34 54

M. Wojtyniak, J. Szade, R. Wrzalik,
and K. Szot
Local inhomogeneities of strontium titanate thin films doped with iron P-35 54

A. Wolska, A. Drzewiecka, M.T. Klepka, and W. Ferenc XANES as a tool for determining a 3-D arrangement around the metal ions in the bioactive complexes P-36 55


A. Kisiel Kalendarium aktywności Instytutu Fizyki i władz Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego w staraniach o dostęp i o wykorzystywanie źródeł promieniowania synchrotronowego w pracach badawczych 56

A. Kisiel Kalendarium starań Polskiego Towarzystwa Promieniowania Synchrotronowego w latach 1991 – 2002 o dostęp
do europejskich źródeł promieniowania synchrotronowego

W. M. Kwiatek 11th International Symposium and School 2012 in Kraków - the very successful and remarkable event 67

12th International School and Symposium on Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Science, to be held in year 2014 69