Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society (PSRS)

is a nonprofit organization gathering enthusiasts of synchrotron radiation (SR) application in science. The statutory goals are scientific and educational activities promoting SR, including strong lobbying in favour of construction and scientific applications of the first Polish synchrotron SOLARIS.
Since its establishing in 1991 the Society has showed outstanding activity:
- organizing conferences and schools: International School on Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Science (ISSRNS) biennially (even years) and the National Symposium of Synchrotron Radiation Users (KSUPS) biennially (odd years),
- providing Polish representation in international bodies,
- easing access of Polish scientists to large world scientific infrastructure (synchrotrons and free electron lasers),
- broadcasting to the community information about relevant events, activities, providing link to the international community,
- publishing Bulletins of the Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society (already 15 volumes- see Bulletines tab PSRS bulletines ) as well as other post-conference materials (publications in international journals) and educational materials (in Polish).
PSRS is one of the most active scientific societies in Poland.

Currently (2015) the Society gathers 177 members including 1 honorary, 131 ordinary and 45 supporting members.