Conference Proceedings and Manuscript Submission Info


8th International School and Symposium

Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Sciences

Zakopane 2006


  • The Conference Proceedings will be published in a special issue of the refereed, high standard, international journal:
    Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, Section B of: Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research (NIMB).
    The journal is published by Elsevier Science BV and is listed by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI).

  • Each manuscript published in NIMB must have the full quality of a paper published in an international refereed journal.

  • Contributions must be written in English. Authors whose first language is not English are urged to seek assistance in style, syntax and grammar.

  • The manuscripts should be submitted in triplicate with original drawings of the figures and an abstract in English.
    The 3 hardcopies of the manuscripts will be collected by the ISSRNS8 Symposium Office during the Meeting.

  • 3 possible Referees should be indicated with full address (including e-mail and fax).

  • Contributed papers are not limited to less than 4 (four) printed pages. Also, papers that will fill less than 2.8 pages in print will be not accepted for publication.
    The above rules are to prevent published papers from degrading into extended abstracts.
    Please note that the format of NIMB allows approximately 6300 typestrokes per one printed page (or an equivalent amount of figures, tables, references, etc.)

  • Contributions are accepted on the understanding that the authors have obtained the necessary authority for publication. Submission of an article implies that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere and it has been neither copyrighted or published, nor submitted for publication elsewhere. Double publication is of course not tolerable.

  • The submitted manuscripts will be distributed during the symposium to participants acting as referees, but the refereeing itself will not be done during the symposium.

  • Authors should be made aware that publication in NIMB presupposes the use of the SI-system for units and nomenclature.
    Comment: Subunits like mm, GW etc. are of course allowed, as is cm. A few non-standard units like eV and are so engrained that use may continue. Prefixes and abbreviations must be correct, i.e. keV, not KeV, cm, not cms, mg, not mkg, etc. Finally dose may only be used where appropriate i.e. for absorbed (deposited) energy density. Otherwise fluence should be used. Note that the dimension of dose is energy/mass (J/kg or Gray, Gr) while the dimension of fluence is particles/area (most often cm-2).

  • Structure of the manuscript: Please adhere to the following order of presentation: article title, author(s), affiliations, abstract, PACS codes and keywords, main text, acknowledgements, appendices, references, figure captions, tables.

  • Corresponding author: The name, full postal address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address of the corresponding author should be given on the first page.

  • PACS codes/keywords: Please supply one or more relevant PACS classification codes and up to 6 keywords of your own choice for indexing purposes.

  • References to other publications should be numbered consecutively within square brackets in the order in which they appear in the manuscript, and listed together at the end of the text, as shown in the example on NIMB page.
    Please use the proper system for giving references as shown in Elsevier's Instruction to Authors, which may be found either on the back inside cover of the journal or on the NIMB home page.
    In particular, note the rules about the numbers of authors given.

  • Copyright transfer: In the course of the production process the authors will be asked to transfer the copyright of the article to the publisher. This transfer will ensure the widest possible dissemination of information.

  • After full refereeing process and acceptance for publiaction the final version of hard-copy manuscript and figures should be submitted in duplicate, with one set of good quality figure material for production of the printed version.
    The contribution must be accompanied by an electronic version that exactly matches the hard copy, in an editable format (i.e. not pdf) on a diskette or CD.

Last update: 6/04/2006