ALL IN ONE FILE Bulletin vol. 11 (5 MB – low res.)

Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Science Vol. 11, No.1 - 2 (2012)




W. Paszkowicz and M.J. Stankiewicz

SOLARIS — National Synchrotron Radiation Centre, the Polish research infrastructure roadmap facility. Status in spring 2012   I 



C.J. Bocchetta, P. Goryl, K. Krolas, M. Młynarczyk, M.J. Stankiewicz, P. Tracz, L. Walczak, A. Wawrzyniak, M. Eriksson, J. Ahlback, A. Andersson, P. Fernandes Tavares, M. Johansson, D. Kumbaro, S.C. Leeman, L. Malmgren, J. Modeer, S. Thorin, D. Einfeld, and E. Al-dmour

Project status of the Polish Synchrotron Radiation Facility SOLARIS

M. Kozak, W. Rypniewski, and M. Jaskólski 

Koncepcja budowy linii pomiarowej MX/SAXS/XRD w NCPS SOLARIS

C. Habfast and G. Admans 

ESRF Upgrade Programme Reaches Halfway Mark

A. Kisiel 

Dwadzieścia lat PTPS z perspektywy Prezesów. Wystapienie na sesji KSUPS-9 w dniu 26 września 2011 r.


The 9th National Meeting of Synchrotron Radiation Users (Warsaw 2011)


ISSRNS—11 11th International School and Symposium on Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Science


Welcome to the 11th ISSRNS   18


ISSRNS-11 — Information   19


Conference Schedule   21


ISSRNS—11 — Invited lecturers and oral presentations     

C.M. Schneider, M. Patt, V. Feyer, C.               Wiemann, I.P. Krug, F. Nickel, D. Gottlob, and S. Cramm

Photoelectron spectronanoscopy — opportunities and challenges
L 01Ext. 24

W. Rypniewski, P.H. Malecki, and C.V. Vorgias

Working hard and in the cold: Chitinase from M. marina
L 02 27

P. Dumas

What role does synchrotron infrared micro-spectroscopy play in Element Selectionbiomedical applications? L 03 28

M. Korbas, T.C. MacDonald, N.J. Sylvain, I.J. Pickering, G.N. George, and P.H. Krone

Shedding synchrotron light on mercury toxicity L 04Ext. 29

J. Chwiej, J. Kutorasinska, K. Janeczko, K. Gzielo-Jurek, L. Uram, K. Appel, R. Simon, and Z. Setkowicz

The progress of elemental anomalies of hippocampal formation in pilocarpine model of temporal lobe epilepsy — X-ray fluorescence microscopy study O 01 31

J. Czapla W.M. Kwiatek, J. Lekki, J. Dulinóska, R. Steininger, and J. Göttlicher

The chemical species of sulphur in prostate cancer cells studied by XANES O 02 32

B. Ziaja-Motyka

European X-ray free electron laser: Status and applications L 05 33

M. Gilski

Atomic resolution macromolecular crystallography with synchrotron radiation L 06 34

Z. Pietralik and M. Kozak

Complexation of nucleic acids by cationic gemini surfactant O 03 35

J. Kutorasinska, Z. Setkowicz, K. Janeczko, C. Sandt, P. Dumas, and J. Chwiej

Investigation of differences in frequency of creatine inclusions within hippocampal formation between the acute and latent periods of pilocarpine model of TLE-SRFTIR microspectroscopy study
O 04 36

M. Stankiewicz

SOLARIS — new light for Polish research
L 07 37

P. Olko and M. Jezabek

National Centre for Hadron Radiotherapy — Bronowice Cyclotron Centre
L 08Ext. 38

G. Wrochna, J.B. Pelka, R. Nietubyc, R. Sobierajski, and J. Sekutowicz

POLFEL - Polish Free Electron Laser from THz to XUV
L 09 40

H. Tomizawa

The features and design overview of state-of-the-art XFEL
L 10 41

A. Galler, W. Gawelda, K. Haldrup, K. Kjaer, T. van Driel, A.M. March, G. Doumy, E. Kanter, D. Ray, R. Dunford, J. Uhlig, S. Canton, G. Smolentsev, D. Fritz, M. Cammarata, H. Lemke, U. Bergmann, R. Alonso Mori, N. Sas, A. Bordage, G. Vanko, E. Gallo, P. Glatzel, K. Gaffney, V. Sundström, M.M. Nielsen, L. Young, S. Southworth, and C. Bressler

Observing molecular reactions via simultaneous ultrafast X-ray spectroscopy and scattering L 11Ext. 42

G. Dietler

Interplay between topology and statistical properties of DNA: A polymer physics approach
L 12 44

M. Gateshki, H. te Nijenhuis, D. Beckers, A. Kharchenko, and M. Fransen

High-energy X-ray scattering studies of nanomaterials using a laboratory system
O 05 45

T. Togashi, E.J. Takahashi, K. Midorikawa, M. Aoyama, K. Yamakawa, T. Sato, A. Iwasaki, S. Owada, K. Yamanouchi, T. Hara, S. Matsubara, T. Ohshima, Y. Otake, H. Tanaka, T. Tanaka, H. Tomizawa, T. Watanabe, M. Yabashi, and T. Ishikawa

Seeding of extreme ultraviolet free electron laser with high-order harmonic
L 13 46

V. Petricek and M. Dusek

Solving and refining difficult structures by the program package JANA2006
L 14 47

C.J. Bocchetta

Techniques and technologies for ultra bright synchrotron light sources O 06 48

P. Rudolf

Graphene growth on Cu(111): Microscopic angle-resolved photoemission and scanning tunneling microscopy investigations
L 15 49

V.M. Kaganer

X-ray diffraction peak profiles from relaxed epitaxial films
L 16 50

A. Bartnik, P. Wachulak, H. Fiedorowicz, R. Jarocki, J. Kostecki, and M. Szczurek

Luminescence of gases induced with EUV pulses from a laser plasma source
O 07Ext. 51

P.W. Wachulak, A. Baranowska-Korczyc, D. Pánek, P. Bruza, A. Bartnik, J. Kostecki, L. Wągrzyaski, R. Jarocki, M. Szczurek, D. Elbaum, and H. Fiedorowicz

Imaging in nanoscale using laser-plasma sources of q gg 53 extreme ultraviolet (EUV) O 08 53

A. Marcelli, K. Zhang, Z. Wu, V. Della Corte, A. Rotundi, G. Della Ventura, M. Ferrari, F.J.M. Rietmeijer, and E. Pace

X-ray CT scan of stratospheric micron-sized dust particles: An attempt to a non-destructive morphological reconstruction
L 17 54

H. Oyanagi

Nanocrystals and small clusters investigated by synchrotron radiation and microfluidics
L 18 55

F. Masiello, S.H. Connell, and J. Hartwig

Measurement of residual strains with quantitative X-ray topography
O 09 56

C. Pettenkofer and A. Hofmann

Energy converting interfaces studied by synchrotron radiation
L 19 57

M. Taniguchi

Electronic and spin structures of solids by means of synchrotron radiation photoemission L 20Ext. 58

K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, A. Wolska, M.T. Klepka, and V. Sessi

XMCD studies of the magnetic properties of nanoclusters in GaAs matrix O 10 60

C.S. Fadley

Probing the electronic and magnetic properties of bulk materials and buried layers and interfaces with standing-wave and hard-x-ray photoemission
L 21Ext. 61

M. Sikora

Electronic structure of A2FeReO6 double perovskites probed with Re 2p RXES
O 11 63

A. Rogalev and F. Wilhelm

X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism under high magnetic field
O 12 64

P. Zajdel, A. Kisiel, A. Szytula, P. Starowicz, J. Goraus, J. Konior, A. Banas, A. Balerna, G. Cinque, A. Grilli

Valence of consituents of selected rare earth silicides — XANES and LAPW numerical study O 13Ext. 65

A. Fernáandez-Pacheco, A. Szkudlarek, L.E. Serrano-Ramáon, T. Tyliszczak, Cz. Kapusta, M.R. Ibarra, and J.M. De Teresa

Studies of cobalt nanoconstrictions by scanning transmission X-ray microscopy and micromagnetic simulations
O 14 67

Cz. Kapusta, M. Sikora, J. Przewoźnik, J. Zukrowski, J. Fedotova, and J. Kasiuk

Study of magnetoresistive nanogranular films with X-ray spectroscopies
L 22 68

E. Guziewicz, B.A. Orlowski, A. Reszka, L. Wachnicki, S. Gieraltowska, M. Godlewski, I.A. Kowalik, B.J. Kowalski, and R.L. Johnson

Resonant photoemission of 4f electrons on clean semiconductor surfaces L 23Ext. 69

J. Kubacki, D. Kajewski, J. Szade, A. Kóhl, Ch. Lenser, R. Dittmann, K. Szot, and K. Schulte

Resonant photoemission studies of Fe doped SrTiO3 thin films O 15 71

P. Goryl, C.J. Bocchetta, M.J. Stankiewicz, A.I. Wawrzyniak, K. Wawrzyniak, M. Zając, L. Zytniak, and D. Spruce

The Solaris concepts for the beamlines control systems
O16 72

M. Kozak, M. Taube, M. Murawska, V. Lindstrom, and A. Grubb

Structural studies of covalently stabilised oligomers of human cystatin C
O 17 73

H. Drozdowski, A. Romaniuk, and, Z. Blaszczak

Structure and intermolecular interactions in selected binary solutions studied by X-ray methods
O 18 74

K. Won-in, T. Sako, W. Pattanasiriwisana, S. Tancharakorn, and P. Dararutana

Characterization of ancient burnt rice excavated in Thailand archaeological sites
O 19 75

J. Kowalska, W.M. Kwiatek, M. Gajda, K. Appel, and P. Dumas

Effect of AVE 0991 - angiotensin-(1-7) receptor agonist treatment on elemental and biomolecules distribution in atherosclerotic plaques of apoE-knockout mice
O 20Ext. 76

A. Kubala-Kukus, D. Banas, M. Pajek, J. Szlachetko, J.-Cl. Dousse, J. Hoszowska, Y. Kayser, S. Nowak, P. Jagodziński, J. Susini, and M. Salome

Synchrotron radiation based micro X-ray fluorescence analysis of the calibration samples used in surface sensitive TXRF and GEXRF techniques
O21Ext. 78


ISSRNS—11 — Poster presentations     

K. Balin, J. Szade, and Z. Celiński

Reversible valency transitions of europium in MBE grown Eu-Mn thin films P 01 80

D. Banaś, J. Braziewicz, A. Kubala-Kukuś, U. Majewska, M. Pajek, J. Wudarczyk-Moćko, K. Czech, M. Garnuszek, P. Slomkiewicz, and B. Szczepanik

Study of absorption properties of chemically modified halloysite samples with X-ray fluorescence and X-ray powder diffraction methods
P 02 81

K. Banas, A.M. Banas, M. Gajda, W.M. Kwiatek, B. Pawlicki, and M.B.H. Breese

Analysis of synchrotron radiation induced X-ray emission spectra with R environment
P 03 82

A. Baranowska-Korczyc, K. Fronc, J.B. Pełka, K. Sobczak, P. Dłuzewski, and D. Elbaum

Structural studies of magnetic Fe doped ZnO nanofibers
P 04 83

M.R. Bartosik, C.J. Bocchetta, P. Goryl, M.J. Stankiewicz, P. Tracz, L. Walczak, A.I. Wawrzyniak, K. Wawrzyniak, J. Wiechecki, M. Zajac, and L. Zytniak

SOLARIS National Synchrotron Radiation Centre, project progress, May 2012 
P 05Ext. 84

J. Bielecki, E. Lipiec, and W.M. Kwiatek

First-principle approach to interpretation of changes in IR spectra of cellular DNA
P 06 86

K. Biernacka, M. Sikora, Cz. Kapusta, A. Brudnik, K. Zakrzewska, and M. Radecka 

X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy of titanium dioxide with modified anionic sublattice
P 07 87

M. Brancewicz, A. Andrejczuk, E. Żukowski, L. Dobrzyński, Y. Sakurai, and M. Itou

Compton profile of Mg single crystal: High resolution experiment and theory
P 08 88

K.M. Dąbrowski, D.T. Dul, M. Tolkiehn, D.V. Novikov, and P. Korecki

Detection of X-ray abasorption anisotropy using fluorescence radiation for atomic resolved imaging
P 09 89

I.N. Demchenko, R. Minikayev, T. Tyliszczak, M. Chernyshova, K.M. Yu, J.D. Denlinger, D. Speaks, and W. Walukiewicz

Electronic structure of irradiated CdO thin films
P 10 90

A. Dowierciał, A. Jarmula, W.R. Rypniewski, T. Frączyk, P. Wilk, and W. Rode

Searching for the differences between trichinella spiralis and mouse thymidylate synthases: A quest for species-specific drugs
P 11 91

H. Drozdowski, T. Halas, and Z. Błaszczak

A molecular structure study of 1,3,5-trichlorobenzene
P 12 92

H. Drozdowski, A. Romaniuk, and Z. Blłaszczak

The determination of molecular structure of chloroanisoles by X-ray diffraction
P 13 93

J. Dudala, M. Szczerbowska-Boruchowska, M. Lankosz, and M. Bialas

Distribution of biomolecules in the adrenal gland tumors — FTIR results compared with histological view of samples
P 14 94

D.T. Dul and P. Korecki

Wavelet analysis of X-ray absorption anisotropy: Accuracy and limitations of atomic structure imaging
P 15 95

E. Dynowska, J.Z. Domagala, P. Romanowski, E. Janik, P. Wojnar, and W. Caliebe

Structural characterization of the core-shell ZnTe/ZnMgTe nanowires P 16 96

E. Dynowska, W. Paszkowicz, P. Aleshkevych, L. Gładczuk, W. Szuszkiewicz, S. Muller, C. Ronning, and W. Caliebe

Observation of extremely slow ordering effects in Co-implanted ZnO
P 17 97

K. Dziedzic-Kocurek and J. Stanek

XANES evaluation of iron local structures in monomer and dimersed forms of porphyrins
P 18 98

O.N. Ermakova, R. Minikayev, H. Dabkowska, C. Lathe, J. de Groot, and W. Paszkowicz

Elastic properties of praseodymium orthovanadate
P 19 99

P. Jagodziński, M. Pajek, D. Banas, A. Kubala-Kukus, J. Szlachetko, J.-Cl. Dousse, J. Hoszowska, Y. Kayser, and S. Nowak

Simulations of X-ray transmission in polycapillaries for synchrotron radiation applications P 20 100

A. Jarmula, A. Dowiercial, P. Wilk, W.R. Rypniewski, B. Kierdaszuk, W. Rode

Crystal structures of mouse thymidylate synthase in binary complex with a Crystal structures of mouse thymidylate synthase in binary complex with a strong inhibitor, N(4)-OH-dCMP, and ternary complex with N(4)-OH-dCMP and the cofactor product, dihydrofolate
P 21 101

M. Johansson, R. Nietubyc, A. Wawrzyniak

Linac and storage ring magnets for SOLARIS synchrotron P 22 102

Z. Kaszkur

XRD study of uniformity and interdiffusion in PdCo and PdAg nanoalloys P 23 103

W. Kida and M. Kozak

Influence of gemini surfactants with different chain length on the structure of DPPC bilayers P 24 104

D. Klinger, R. Sobierajski, J. Pelka, E. Lusakowska, D. Żymierska, W. Wierzchowski, K. Wieteska, T. Balcer, J. Chalupsky, V. Hajkova, T. Burian, A.J. Gleeson, L. Juha, K. Tiedtke, S. Toleikis, L. Vysin, H. Wabnitz, and J. Gaudin

Damage of two-component materials such as GaAs, ZnO, SiO2 created after irradiation by ultra-short VUV laser pulses P 25 105

W. Knoff, M.A. Pietrzyk, A. Reszka, B.A. Orłowski, T. Story, and R.L. Johnson

Photoemission study of amorphous and crystalline GeTe and (Ge,Mn)Te semiconductors
P 26 106

B. Korczyc, A. Bartnik, J. Kostecki, and H. Fiedorowicz

Changes in chemical and physical structure of polymers under EUV radiation
P 27 107

I.A. Kowalik, M.I. Lukasiewicz, E. Guziewicz, M. Godlewski, F.J. Luque, M.A. Nino, A. Zakharov, and D. Arvanitis

Electronic structure and magnetism of (Zn,Co)O films: A soft x-ray spectroscopy study
P 28 108

B.J. Kowalski, R. Nietubyc, and J. Sadowski

Resonant and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy of Ga1-xMnxSb
P 29 109

A. Kubala-Kukus, M. Ludwikowska-Kedzia, D. Banas, J. Braziewicz, U. Majewska, M Pajek, and J. Wudarczyk-Mocko

Application of the X-ray fluorescence analysis and X-ray diffraction in geochemical studies of till samples
P 30 110

K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, M.T. Klepka, A. Wolska, and M.A. Borysiewicz

The X-ray absorption studies of the Ti-Si-C films stoichiometry in function of the technological parameters
P 31 111

E. Lipiec, G. Birarda, J. Lekki, L. Vaccari, A. Wiecheć, and W.M. Kwiatek

First approach of the FTIR microspectroscopy for studying the effect of ionising radiation in single cells P 32 112

A.F. Mabied, S. Nozawa, M. Hoshino, A. Tomita, T. Sato, and S. Adachi

Singular value decomposition analysis of time-resolved powder diffraction data
P 33 113

M. Malachowski and M. Kozak

Crystallisation of polymer phases and its influence on structure and mechanical properties of multilayered polymer systems P 34 114

P. Mazalski, Z. Kurant, A. Maziewski, M.O. Liedke, J. Fassbender, L.T. Baczewski, A. Wawro, A. Rogalev, and F. Wilhelm

XAS/XMCD studies of Pt/Co/Pt nanostructures with out-of-plane magnetization induced by Ga+ ions low fluence irradiation
P 35 115

J. Mesjasz-Przybylowicz, A. Barnabas, I. Yousef, P. Dumas, F. Jamme, Ch. Sandt, F. Guillon, P. Sechogela, and W. Przybylowicz

Differences and similarities in roots of the nickel hyperaccumulating and non-accumulating genotypes of Senecio coronatus from South Africa
P 36 116

J. Mesjasz-Przybylowicz, E. Montarges-Pelletier, A. Barnabas, G. Echevarria, V. Briois, P. Sechogela, S. Groeber, and W. Przybylowicz

Distribution and speciation of nickel in hyperaccumulating plants from South Africa P 37 117

R. Minikayev, E. Dynowska, T. Story, A. Szczerbakow, A.M.T. Bell, D. Trots, and W. Szuszkiewicz

X-ray studies of thermal properties of Pb1-xCdxTe solid solution in a broad temperature range
P 38 118

R. Minikayev, W. Paszkowicz, P. Piszora, M. Knapp, C. Bahtz, and S. Podsiadło

Thermal expansion of gallium nitride P 39 119

M. Murawska, A. Grubb, M. Kozak

Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) studies of monomeric human cystatin C in solution P 40 120

M. Murawska, K. Smolarek, A. Skrzypczak and M. Kozak

Rodilike morphology of silver nanoparticles produced in cationic gemini surfactants systems

M. Murawska, M. Wiatr, P. Nowakowski, K. Szutkowski, Skrzypczak, and M. Kozak

The structure and morphology of gold nanoparticles produced in cationic gemini surfactants systems P 42 122

A. Nasr, U. Werthenbach, H.W. Schenk, and A.H. Walenta

Multi-channel ionization chamber development for synchrotron beam flactuation monitoring and time resolve measurement P 43 123

B.A. Orłowski, A. Szczerbakow, P. Dziawa, K. Gas, A. Reszka, S. Thiess, and W. Drube

Photoemission binding energy local change caused by crystalline local structure P 44Ext. 124

C. Paluszkiewicz, W.M. Kwiatek, and E. Stodolak

Characterization of polymer nanocomposites by mikro SR-FTIR spectroscopy P 45 126

W. Paszkowicz, O.N. Ermakova, W. Wierzchowski, K. Wieteska, . Berkowski, M. Głowacki, H. Dąbkowska, J. Domagała, J. Bąk-Misiuk, and C. Paulmann

Topographic and high-resolution diffraction study of defect structure of RVO4 single crystals P 46Ext. 128

W. Paszkowicz, R. Minikayev, P. Piszora, M. Knapp, D. Trots, and R. Bacewicz

Thermal expansion of CuInSe2 P 47Ext. 130

W. Paszkowicz, P. Piszora, R. Minikayev, M. Brunelli, and A Fitch

Thermal expansion of polycrystalline cBN in the low-temperature range P 48 132

J.B. Pelka, O. Choluj-Dziewiecka, J. Lorkiewicz, R. Nietubyc, J. Sekutowicz, R. Sobierajski, J. Szewiński, T. Wasiewicz, and G. Wrochna

Terahertz FEL source at the Polish National Center POLFEL. A conceptual design P 49 133

Z. Pietralik, M. Krecisz, and M. Kozak

Spectroscopic and structural studies of interactions between gemini surfactants and phosphatidylocholine derivatives P 50 134

Z. Pietralik, R. Krzysztoń, and M. Kozak

Structural analysis of selected gemini surfactant (1-imidazolilo-3-decylooxymethyl) pentane chloride lipoplexes P 51 135

Z. Pietralik, I. Mucha-Kruczynska, and M. Kozak

FTIR analysis of protein secondary structure in solid and solution states P 52 136

P. Piszora and J. Darul

Hydrogen reduction of LiMn2O4: Identification of products with synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction P 53 137

A. Romaniuk, H. Drozdowski, and Z. Blaszczak

X-ray diffraction study of some liquid binary solutions P 54 138

Romanowski, J. Bąk-Misiuk, K. Sobczak, P. Dziawa, E. Dynowska, A. Szczepaniska, and A. Misiuk

Mn4Si7 nanoinclusions in Mn-implanted Si P 55 139

K. Schneider, M. Sikora, J. Stępień, K. Biernacka, Cz. Kapusta, D. Zajac, K. Michalow-Mauke, Th. Graule, A. Vital, K. Zakrzewska, and M. Rekas

XAS study of Mo doped TiO2 nanoparticle materials P 56 140

W. Slawiński, R. Przenioslo, I. Sosnowska, and V. Petricek

Helical screw-type magnetic structure of the multiferroics CaMn7Oi2
P 57 141

R. Sobierajski, J.B. Pelka, R. Nietubyńc, G. Wrochna, and J. Sekutowicz

XFEL — European X-ray Free Electron Laser P 58 142

R. Sobierajski, D. Klinger, P. Dluzewski, M. Klepka, J. Gaudin, C. Ozkan, J. Chalupsky, S. Bajt, T. Burian, L. Vysin, N. Coppola, S.D. Farahani, H.N. Chapman, G. Galasso, V. Hyajkovay, M. Harmand, L. Julia, M. Jurek, R. Loch, S. Molle, M. Nagasono, H. Sinn, K. Saskl, J. Schulz, P. Sovak, S. Toleikis, K. Tiedtke, T. Tschentscher, and J. Krzywinski

Damage of multilayer optics under irradiation with multiple femtosecond XUV pulses P 59 143

W. Szczerba, J. Kaiser, H. Riesemeier, U. Reinholz, M. Radtke, L. Yu, M. Ballauff, and A.F. Thünemann

On the local structure of catalytic Au/Pd nanoparticles stabilized on spherical polyelectrolyte brushes P 60 144

W. Szczerba, H. Riesemeier, U. Reinholz, M. Radtke, and A.F. Thuünemann

Combined small angle X-ray scattering and X-ray absorption spectroscopy studies of electrochrome metallopolyelectrolytes P 61 145

W. Szczerba, H. Riesemeier, U. Reinholz, M. Radtke, A.F. Thuünemann, A. Kaupner, and C. Giordano

Local structure of iron carbide nanoparticles P 62 146

M. Szczerbowska-Boruchowska, M. Lankosz, M. Czyzycki, A. Wandzilak, P. Wrobel,E. Radwanska, and D. Adamek

Synchrotron radiation based studies of the elemental composition and chemical forms of Fe and Zn in brain gliomas P 63 147

M. Szczerbowska-Boruchowska, P. Wrobel, A. Sorowka, E. Radwanska, and D. Adamek

Evaluation of the variability in elemental composition of dopaminegric neurons in senile brains using synchrotron radiation based X-ray fluorescence P 63a 148

J. Szlachetko, M. Nachtegaal, J.-Cl. Dousse, J. Hoszowska, E. Kleymenov, M. Janousch, J. Sa, O.V. Safonova, and J.A. van Bokhoven

Direct XES to XAS relation for off-resonant excitations at L3 absorption edge: Towards high-resolution XAS at single-shot P 64 149

Cz. Ślusarczyk

Structure development during isothermal crystallization of high-density polyethylene: Synchrotron small-angle X-ray study P 65 150

W. Tokarz, M. Kowalik, R. Zalecki, and A. Kolodziejczyk

Electronic band structure of La0.67Pb0.33Mn0.92Fe0.08O3   P 66 151

L. Walczak, J. Alhback, M. Berglund, E. Al-dmour, J. Pasquaud, P. Fernandes Tavares, M. Eriksson, D. Einfeld, C.J. Bocchetta, and M.J. Stankiewicz

Vacuum system of the Polish light source — SOLARIS P 67 152

D. Wardecki, R. Przenioslo, A. Fitch, M. Bukowski, and R. Hempelmann

Size dependence of microstrain fluctuations in nanocrystalline chromium P 68 153

A. Wiecheic, E. Lipiec, J. Lekki, M. Wideł, and W.M. Kwiatek

SR-FTIR spectroscopy in study of the double stand breaks in single cells irradiated by proton microbeam P 69 154

K. Wieteska, W. Wierzchowski, A. Malinowska, M. Lefeld-Sosnowska, M. Swirkowicz, T. Lukasiewicz, and C. Paulmann

Synchrotron diffraction topography of SBN (SrxBa1-xNb2O6) and CBN (CaxBa1-xNb2O6) crystals P 70EXT.  155

W. Wierzchowski, K. Wieteska, D. Klinger, R. Sobiera jski, J. Pelka, D. Żymierska, T. Balcer, and C. Paulmann

The investigations of the damages induced by flash pulses in silicon crystals by means of white beam synchrotron section topography P 71 Ext. 157

A. Wolska, K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, M.T. Klepka, and V. Sessi

XMCD studies of the GaSb:MnSb layers on the GaSb and GaAs substrates P 72 159

D.A. Zajac, A. Bikowski, M. Vinnichenko, and K. Ellmer

Near-order structure of transparent conducting oxides: X-ray absorption study of Al-doped ZnO and ZnMgO films P 73 160

D.A. Zając, W.M. Woch, J. Stepien, Cz. Kapusta, A. Kołodziejczyk, H. Sudra, and G. Gritzner

XANES and EXAFS study of (Tl0.5Pb0.5)Sr2(Ca1-xGdx)Cu2Oz superconductors
P 74 161

P. Zajdel, I. Jendrzejewska, J. Goraus, T. Goryczka, and T. Mydlarz 

Local electronic structure and physical properties of Zn1-xNixCr2Se4
P 75 162


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E. Guziewicz, M.I. Lukasiewicz, K. Kopalko, L. Wachnicki, M. Godlewski

Co 3d states in ferromagnetic and paramagnetic (Zn, Co)O films - resonant photoemission studies P 76 188